Get the most money out of selling your RV

We know when you are selling your RV that you just want to know how you can get the most money out of selling your RV. We are here to give you a few suggestions on how to make the most money possible when selling your RV. There are some questions you have to ask yourself when attempting to sell your RV that only you can answer.

  • Are you willing to replace things or repair them before selling?
  • Are you willing to pay money to sell the RV?
  • Do you really know what the RV value is?
  • How fast do you want to sell your RV?

Are you willing to replace things or repair them before selling?

Many of the people that are looking to buy your RV privately do not have a lot of knowledge about the condition of your RV. Therefore they are going to pay the most attention to things like the condition of the tires, cleanliness of the RV, and general aesthetics. Therefore, you will want to go above and beyond when it comes to cleanliness. If your RV has been sitting and has not been moved for a long period of time the tires may have developed lumps in them. RV’s will typically sit for long periods of time and if there is a long period where weight is distributed to one area of a tire it can create a lump. These lumps are not noticeable visually, but when the RV is driven there is a definite disruption. It will not be a smooth ride at all if you have a lump in one or more of your tires. It will make for a bumpy ride and not leave the potential buyers with a good first impression. When the lump in a tire makes contact with the road it can cause impact which can actually make the tire have a complete failure. Imagine if a prospective buyer were to take your RV for a test drive and a tire were to completely blow out. It is highly unlikely that you will be selling your RV to that potential buyer. It is important that you carefully handle each prospective buyer. It can be months between each prospective buyer so going out of your way to impress potential buyers with the quality of your RV is crucial to selling quickly. Spending a little extra money to repair or replace minor things can make the difference between selling your RV next month or selling it next year. Most times it is worth spending money to sell the RV a little faster is worth it, especially when you are selling privately.

Are you willing to pay money to sell the RV?

Spending money to fix or replace things on your RV may not be the only time you will have to spend money to sell your RV. Selling your RV through paid magazine ads has become big business. It can be a great way to put your RV in front of a large number of people looking to buy an RV but making your RV stand out from the hundreds or thousands of other RV’s can be difficult. Many people that use RV selling magazines will have to place several ads over several different releases of the magazines in order to finally sell. The magazines can work you just have to be willing to wait and spend the money. This can be a pretty costly endeavor. The point of selling your RV is to be able to make money by selling an asset so spending money can decrease the total dollar amount you stand to gain by selling your RV.

Do you really know what the RV value is?

Knowing what the true value of your RV will help you sell your RV more quickly. Putting the right price on an RV can be difficult. There are not a lot of resources online that can give you an accurate assessment of what your RV is worth. There are some tools but they are not able to give accurate estimates. We have discussed in some of our other online articles the number of upgrades and custom features that an RV can have. The online RV value estimators cannot take into consideration these upgrades or even evaluate the real condition of the RV. We recommend hiring an independent RV inspector to come to look at your RV. Many of them have evaluated hundreds or even thousands of RV’s. Many RV inspectors know more about the RV’s they are inspecting than the RV dealers themselves. RV inspectors will know what issues plague certain makes and models. They will also be able to look into the fine details of the interior and look for any possible mechanical issues. It is worth paying for the inspection. If you overprice your RV it can take a much longer period of time to sell your RV. If you underprice your RV, well, you won’t be able to maximize the amount you can receive by selling the RV.

How fast do you want to sell your RV?

How fast do you want to sell your RV? Everyone has a different sense of urgency when selling an RV. Some people need or want to sell much faster than others. Regardless, selling privately always seems to take the longest. Selling to an RV dealer always seems to give you the lowest payout but it can be fast. Selling to an RV wholesale company is the best of both worlds. You can sell quickly and will get a fair price as well. Even if you are selling to an RV wholesale company which will send out their independent RV inspector, you should still hire your own RV inspector. We discuss the benefits of each method of selling a little bit more in some of our other articles.

We hope that this article has helped you a little with your RV selling process. If you are interested in talking to our company about selling your RV, we would love to speak with you. If you want an estimate we will be happy to give you an estimate as well. You can go to our homepage or request an estimate form on our website for more information.