How Do I Sell A Prevost? That is a question that every Prevost owner that wants to sell their Prevost has to ask themselves. If you have found your way to this article you too are probably asking yourself the same question. There is almost no other RV that is harder to sell privately than a Prevost. All Rv’s are great, we love RV’s but a Prevost RV is really something special and so it really takes a specialized buyer to purchase one. We are a Prevost and general RV seller so we have gone through both the Prevost purchasing process and selling process. We have experienced the aches and pains with both the selling and the buying process too. When we buy a Prevost, much of the price we are able to pay for the Prevost is dependent upon the condition of the Prevost. The nice thing about purchasing a Prevost is most Prevost owners take great pride and care of their RV. Prevost RV’s retain their value more so than any other RV which is good and bad for the seller. Good because the seller can get a higher dollar amount for their Prevost, bad because the high market value keeps it out of most potential buyers budget. This brings us to the three ways to sell a Prevost.

Selling Privately
Selling privately can be your own private nightmare. Many Prevost sellers have to pay to advertise either online or in magazines to attract potential buyers. Then you have to take time out of your schedule to find a time that is convenient for both you and the potential buyer. Due to the fact, a Prevost is such a large purchase it is never really a quick selling process. Potential buyers don’t normally have a lot of experience when dealing with RV’s in general so they do not know what potential issues to look for which will require them to take the Prevost to an RV mechanic or have a mechanic show up to inspect the Prevost. This is just a lot of work to sell a Prevost RV.

Selling to a Dealer
Selling to a dealer can be a little less cumbersome depending upon their need for an RV as large as a Prevost. The issues with selling to an RV dealer is they have a vast amount of knowledge about RV’s and are only going to be willing to give you offers that are far below the actual value of your Prevost. They, of course, need to make money when selling an RV but they are going to make an offer that only a person desperate to sell a Prevost would take. Most of the people that are selling to an RV Dealer have already tried to sell their RV privately and their patience has run out so they just take the first offer that is given to them. An RV dealer knows that a Prevost is going to sit on their lot for a long time so in order to make it worth their while they need to maximize their profits.

Selling to a RV purchaser
Selling to an RV Purchaser like RV Buyers USA will allow you to skip the first two options and just get your Prevost sold quickly at the best price you will find. Yes, we are a little bias because we are an RV purchasing company, but we have sold RV’s privately and we have sold them to RV dealers too. We have been through these frustrating processes and so we honestly know that selling to an RV purchaser is the best way to get rid of your Prevost quickly. You can call us or fill out our request an estimate form on our site. We will have someone come out and inspect the condition of your Prevost and make an immediate offer. We do sell RV’s privately sometimes but most times we sell Prevost RV’s to dealers. Due to our unique, vast reaching connections in the RV world, we are able to sell a Prevost quickly. We are also able to negotiate much more with RV dealers due to the leverage we have. Our company sells a lot of RV’s each year to dealers so we are able to negotiate terms much easier sue to our experience

We hope this article has helped inform you a little on what to expect when selling a Prevost. We also hope you will consider calling or contacting our company when you are looking to sell your Prevost. If you have made it this far in the article we want to thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.