How do I sell my RV? If this is a question you need an answer to, you have come to the right place. Selling an RV is difficult and there is really only one way you want to get it done, fast, easy, while still getting paid the maximum amount possible.

There are three basic selling options we will highlight in this article: private sale, RV dealer sale, RV wholesaler. When you are still making payments on the RV your RV can still be sold. You need to really think about what is most important to you before choosing your selling method. Some ways of selling your RV are faster but do allow you to maximize the payout when selling. Other methods of selling will allow you to maximize the amount you receive from the sale but take much longer. Basically, you need to decide which is most important you, more money in the long run or a sale right away.

The first way people sell is the age-old way of selling an RV to another person who is interested in buying an RV. We have sold RV’s in this manner, it takes a really like time to find an interested buyer. Many times we have had to place ads in magazines that only come out once every 3 or 6 months. These magazines can be effective but when selling RV’s but the ads are usually expensive. You also have to keep in mind that your RV will be next to hundreds of others and may not stand out when someone is looking for an RV. We believe there is a “right RV” for everyone, but waiting for the “right one” when selling privately is a waiting game that is sometimes not worth the wait.

The second more popular way to sell an RV is to sell the RV to an RV dealer. This can be an effective way to sell an RV. We sell RV’s to RV dealers too. However, the big problem with going directly to a dealer is the fact that you do not have any leverage when selling. The RV dealer knows that you probably only own one RV and need to sell quickly or you would just sell it privately. The RV dealer has the upper hand and they know it. If you are not getting the offers you would like, you do have one more option.

The final option you have when selling an RV is to sell to an RV wholesaler. Yes, we are a little bias because we are an RV wholesaler and purchaser. However, it really does allow people to sell their RV quickly and we are able to sell the RV privately or sell the RV to an RV dealer at a higher rate than any RV owner. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the RV industry. All of the RV dealers want to maintain a great relationship with our company because they know we are always going to have more RV’s to sell in the future. This allows us to purchase RV’s from people like you at much higher prices. This also allows us to maximize the amount that an RV dealer will pay us for the RV. If you have any questions about selling your RV or want us to give you a purchasing estimate, call us or go to our site to fill out our request a free appraisal form. Thanks for reading.