I want to sell my RV in San Diego. If this is something you have said to yourself recently or you are looking to sell your RV in San Diego, you are in the right place. Thank you for visiting RV Buyers USA website. RV Buyers USA buys RV’s all across the United States but we are a San Diego based company.

Our RV purchasing company can expedite the sale of your RV so you are not left to try selling privately. Selling an RV privately can take a very long time and you still have the risks of getting one pulled over on you that go along with selling an RV. Selling an RV privately can be a very rewarding process once you finally achieve a sale. We are a do-it-yourself type of company so we can relate to someones desire to want to sell an RV privately. Selling an RV privately can be a long drawn out process where you actually have to spend hundreds if not thousands in paid ads before your RV finally appeals to the right buyer. Selling an RV privately is a gamble and a true game of numbers. Every potential buyer has specific qualities they are looking for in an RV. When selling privately you have to put your RV in front of a huge audience of potential buyers before you find the right person. Even after you find an interested party the process to get to the final financial transaction can be tricky to navigate. It is best to work directly with your bank to help finalize the transaction when selling your RV.

We will buy your RV so you do not have to deal with the private sale process. Our company has a large network of RV Dealers that are willing to bid on RV’s that we have purchased. This allows us to get the absolute maximum an RV dealer is willing to pay for an RV. If you have to deal with the RV dealers directly they will, of course, give you a low offer. There is no shortage of people that are trying to sell their RV to RV dealers so the RV dealer is under no pressure to purchase. They always know that you need to sell your RV worse than they need to buy it. Therefore they will only purchase the RV if it is drastically lower than the fair market value. We are in no hurry to sell nor do we have to worry about selling to a particular dealer. Therefore we know we are able to sell an RV to an RV dealer faster and at a better price than a person attempting to sell to a dealer. We are a no pressure style RV purchasing company. We are always ready to purchase the right type of RV. We focus on purchasing RV’s in San Diego that is 2002 and newer because that is what all of the RV Dealers want to purchase. We are also not focusing on 5th wheel trailers or haul behinds. 5th wheels are one of the most difficult to sell for us and private sellers. Most of these are dramatically overpriced when they are newly taking into considering that there is no motor and there are no mechanical elements contained within. Selling a 5th wheel to a dealer, RV purchasing company, or even privately is extremely difficult. The fair market value is so much lower than the original purchase price that most sellers want to price the 5th wheels higher than what any RV Dealer or RV purchaser will be willing to pay. 5th wheels and haul behinds are a great deal when making your purchase if you want the RV experience because they are at the low end of the price spectrum. However, they do not maintain their value and are extremely hard to sell. If you are in San Diego and you are looking to sell your RV quickly and a great price, you should call us. We will inspect your RV and quickly give you a purchase price.

You don’t have to make us your first call when you are selling your RV in San Diego. Just make sure that we are one of the calls you make. You will not regret it. Best purchase price, quick purchase, an easy process. You can click here to go on our website to fill out our free appraisal form. Thank you for your interest. We hope to hear from you soon.