Do you want to sell your RV Dallas RV owners? RV Buyers USA is one of the best ways to maximize the amount you can get paid when you are selling your RV. The most common ways people will try to sell an RV normally take way too long or just don’t pay a fair amount for your RV. We’ve been there too. We have sold RV’s to RV dealers and we have sold them privately too. Selling privately and selling to an RV dealer both have their separate sets of pros and cons.

Selling to an RV Dealer

Does an RV dealer ever really have a shortage of inventory? No. They do not need to buy your RV. RV Dealers need more customers than they need new RV’s so if they offer to buy your RV it is going to be at a price that is in their best interests. Most people that are trying to sell their RV will normally start the depreciation at the retail amount they paid when they bought the RV. RV Dealers know how much their markup was when they sold the RV so they start subtracting the value of your RV from much lower number than the amount in which you bought the RV. Selling your RV to a dealer can be a quick process but it will certainly not pay out as much as some other methods of selling your RV.

Selling your RV to another person yourself

Anyone who has ever had experience selling an RV privately knows how long it can take and it is never an easy experience. It is time-consuming for you and can generally take a long period of time before the right buyer stumbles upon your RV. Most people will have to pay to advertise their RV in order to get it in front of the right private buyer. It is a great option if you do not need to sell your RV quickly because you will more than likely be able to get more than selling to an RV dealer. It is best to spend the extra time and a few extra dollars cleaning as well as repairing all visual aspects of the RV. A private buyer will pay a lot more attention to the aesthetics of an RV if they are not RV mechanics, obviously, it is highly unlikely they will be RV mechanics. You, of course, want to make sure the RV is in good condition mechanically because they will more than likely have an inspection done. Just keep in mind that the old saying “first impressions are everything” is true in the case of RV buyers.

Our suggestion for selling your RV

If you want to sell your RV quickly but also want to maximize your potential payout from selling your RV you can work with an RV wholesale purchasing company like ours. We know the pitfalls of selling to RV dealers because we have done it hundreds of times. At one time we sold RV’s privately too but found that it takes way too long and we did not want our funds tied up while we were waiting for the one right buyer to see our RV. We purchase RV’s directly from RV owners and resell them to RV dealers all across the United States. We know the prices RV dealers pay for new RV’s and we also know the true depreciation rate of RV’s so we are able to sell RV’s at a higher rate than an RV owner. We have a vast network of RV dealers that we work with all across the United States and so we also have a lot of leverage when selling an RV. Many times we have multiple RV dealers willing to buy an RV so it allows us to increase the amount in which we are willing to sell the RV. If you are in Dallas and want to sell quickly at a fair rate, call us or fill out the request an estimate form on our website. We are currently buying RV’s that are 2002 and newer. We look forward to hearing from you & thanks for reading.