Selling a Prevost? Selling a Prevost can be one of the most difficult things you have ever done. The ability to purchase an RV only falls into a small number of people’s budget. Finding a person that is willing and able to buy a Prevost is certainly a challenge for a Prevost owner. Some people may give you an offer on your Prevost when you are attempting to sell it but most of them will give you a very low quote just to see if you are willing to sell the Prevost at a price that is far below market value. The odds are if you own a Prevost RV you have made good decisions in the past that have enabled you to own a Prevost. Therefore you will probably not accept the extremely low offers given by people that are simply testing your degree of urgency to sell. A Prevost retains its value better than almost any Prevost, sure there is depreciation due to use, wear, tear, and mileage but due to the quality in which they are built they can still demand top dollar when being sold.

There are tons of different ways to attempt to sell a Prevost. There is only one way we have found that is going to be the most beneficial to you, a Prevost owner. Our company, RV Buyers USA, has extensive experience purchasing and selling Prevost RV’s. We have spoken with dozens if not hundreds of Prevost owners over the years and have discussed the methods they have used to try to sell their Prevost RV. There are three different options that all attempts to sell fall into Private, Dealer, & RV Wholesale Companies.

Selling a Prevost privately is not for the urgent seller. Selling a Prevost RV privately means you will have to pay to advertise the sale of your own Prevost in RV and auto selling magazines. You could also list the Prevost online on paid and free classifieds. When you use classifieds your Prevost will be listed with hundreds if not thousands of other RV owners looking to sell their RV. A Prevost RV normally does not get a lot of interest on these type of classified ads because they are simply not an option for the average personal budget. Selling a Prevost privately is always a waiting and wishing game. If you are a motivated seller this is not a good option and you may end up taking one of the low offers after waiting weeks or months for offers.

Selling a Prevost to an RV Dealer is not much easier than selling it privately. A Prevost is a high dollar RV that takes a specialized buyer to purchase. If you are able to find an RV Dealer that is willing to purchase a Prevost it is likely going to be the same type of low offer as a private buyer may attempt to give to you. An RV Dealer normally does not want a lot of their money tied up in one RV that will take a long time to sell. Therefore if they are willing to buy it, they will have to take into consideration the length of time it will take them to sell a Prevost RV. You will most likely have to make a lot of calls and do a lot of legwork to find the right dealer that will even be willing to buy a Prevost, especially at a reasonable price.

When you sell to an RV wholesaler like RV Buyers USA we are able to find RV Dealers through our vast connections in the RV industry. Selling a Prevost is much easier for us to do because we have built business relationships with these dealers all over the United States. RV Dealers will be willing to negotiate better buying terms with our company because they want to make sure we will continue to give them future opportunities to buy other RV’s from our company. We have developed a system that makes selling a Prevost as easy and painless as possible while still enabling you to get the best price possible for your Prevost RV. It does not matter where you are in the United States if you are looking to sell a Prevost, RV Buyers USA is the best company to call to sell your Prevost. Call us or request a free appraisal by filling out the request a free appraisal form.