Selling your Prevost?

There are some things you should know that will most definitely make it a better experience for you. We all know that a Prevost is not just an RV it is a lifestyle. Many people that are looking to sell their Prevost are looking to upgrade to a new model. A Prevost RV also retains their value much longer than almost any other RV. Although they are sought after by people and they are one of the best RV’s you can ever buy A Prevost is probably one of, if not the hardest RV to sell. Let’s face it though a typical RV is not within most peoples budget. That being said a Prevost truly requires a specialized buyer that has a lot of liquid capital. (Money)

Selling a Prevost to an RV Dealer

If you are trying to sell a Prevost most dealers have experience trying to sell high-end RV’s like a Prevost so they will only be willing to make an offer that is unrealistically low. A large, high-end RV is great to catch potential customers attention but it does not make a great deal of money for an RV dealer. They sit on the lot for a long period of time because there are not very many buyers that have a Prevost within their budget. Therefore the RV dealers will give you an extremely low estimate knowing that you will try to sell the RV privately which is next to impossible and lengthy, time-consuming process. When you are unable to sell the Prevost privately, odds are you will probably later come back to accept the RV Dealers offer. The RV Dealer will even give an even lower offer to you if they already have a Prevost or a number of other large RVs on their lot that will attract the attention that they need.

Selling A Prevost Privately

There are some pros and cons to selling a Prevost privately. A Prevost is such a large purchase that most people are willing to travel long distances to make a purchase, but they may still not make the purchase after traveling the distance if the Prevost has any issues they were unaware of or it does not meet the buyer’s expectations. Some buyers will show up hundreds of miles away to buy a Prevost and bring a significantly lower amount of money to the deal in the hopes that you will settle for less. Even if the potential buyer pulls this tactic you may get more selling the RV privately than going directly to a dealer even if the private buyer tries to give you less money. One of the definite downsides of attempting to sell a high dollar RV like a Prevost is the amount of time it takes to sell. If you are planning to use monies from the sale of your Prevost for another purchase just be prepared to wait.

Selling to a Wholesaler

Selling your Prevost to an RV purchaser can give you the best of both worlds: A quick sale and top dollar for your Prevost. RV Purchasers such as RV Buyers USA have connections with RV Dealers all over the United States and we can use our vast connections to find an RV Dealer very quickly that is willing to purchase a Prevost. We are able to get and give top dollar prices to you for your Prevost because we are able to get offers from multiple dealers which will drive the price up significantly. We are able to send a purchaser out to almost anywhere in the country to inspect your Prevost to see what condition it is in and then give you a price based upon its condition. We are serious purchasers of serious RV’s ready to purchase your Prevost. RV Buyers USA would love to speak with you about your Prevost. You can call us or fill out a request estimate form on our site anytime.