Before buying your new RV, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to maximize the enjoyment you will have for years to come! Here are just a few tips. Give us a call at (888) 782-8987 if you have any other questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them.

  1. Storage in an RV is extremely important to remember when buying an RV. Keep in mind you will be traveling and have luggage that will need to be stowed somewhere in the RV. An RV is basically a small home with wheels. It is always hard to find room to store things. Really think about what you would pack for a trip and the room those things would take up.
  2. The cupboards and or other cabinets are also important to keep in mind when it comes to size. Make sure standard-sized dishes will fit in the kitchen area. Make sure there is ample storage room in all the cabinets, but the kitchen will be the most important when it comes to cabinetry.
  3. Although many times when with your RV you will be outdoors you want to make sure when you are relaxing in the RV the furniture is comfortable. Many RV couches have really low backs on them and they are truly uncomfortable. Make sure the furniture is at least somewhat comfortable.
  4. Now you may spend a lot of time outdoors but when you get into the RV you might want to relax and watch some TV. Look where the TV is in the RV. How big is the TV? Where is it placed in the RV? Does it make sense where the TV is placed? Is it a flat screen or an older TV that is taking up valuable shelving space? Keep this in mind and the cost it may take to replace and reposition the TV in the RV.
  5. Bed size. This is a big one to consider. Many RV beds are too small both length and width. I can not tell you how many RV’s have beds where your feet will hang out over the bed no matter how close you are towards the top of the bed. Many manufacturers seem to have beds that can be rather uncomfortable. A long day outside will make you enjoy a good night’s rest even more so make sure you can get a good night’s rest on the RV bed.
  6. Bathrooms seem to be the least thought out when it comes to RV manufacturers. Many RV’s have cabinets above the toilet which can be great for toiletries but can really be a nuisance when standing up. Some restrooms in RV’s can even be so small it is hard to shut the door. You want to make sure there is somewhere in the bathroom to store toiletries just make sure the positioning and size of the cabinets fit your needs. The showers in many RV’s do not have a place to set down soap. This is a nice thing to have. If there is not a spot to put soap you can purchase a shelving unit which hangs over the shower pipe. This should create enough room to store all the basic necessities you need while in the shower.
  7. Heating and AC can be very important in an RV. Although the daytime weather may be nice it may get colder at night time or even be too hot to sleep at night. Make sure the heating and ac unit is powerful enough to take care of an RV the size you are looking to acquire. Make sure all the vents for heating and cooling are in the appropriate areas that are most important to keep hot or cold air where it is most needed.
  8. Let’s face it most RV’s are not going to have a lot of counter space. Look for an RV that has a decent amount of counter space but keep in mind other things you can do to create more counter space when you need it. Such as fold down tables that do not take up much room and are easily stowed.
  9. Look for an RV that does not short you on electrical outlets. You will need to make sure there are enough outlets for your needs. Certainly, make sure there are outlets in the kitchen area for whatever small kitchen appliances you may need to power.
  10. A well insulated RV can save you a lot of energy and time while you are waiting for your RV to get warmer and cooler. Most RV buyers don’t think to ask about the insulation of an RV when they buy because they are thinking about nice weather.
  11. Weight capacity and towing capability. It is unbelievable to me how many RV’s can barely carry the contents of a full RV never mind be able to tow anything additional. Think about what you may tow behind the RV like a boat, car, or ATV. You will want to make sure your RV has the ability to tow and or carry the additional weight that you have in mind. Always ask about weight limits and towing capacity.
  12. If you buy an RV you will always want to make sure it has a Recreational Vehicle Industry Association seal on the outside. If the RV does not have this seal for any reason you should not buy the RV. If it does not have this seal it means it was not made up to the regulatory standards. It is almost like buying a house that is out of code. You have to make sure your RV meets standard regulations.