“How do I sell my Motorhome?” This is the question that many people find themselves asking after months of online classifieds and non-serious buyers. Selling your motorhome can be a real struggle. The older your motorhome gets the harder it is to sell as well. Motorhomes are a lot of fun to own and travel but are not very fuel efficient. The older a motorhome becomes, the less miles per gallon the motorhome will get. It is best to sell your motorhome before it gets 10 years old. Once a motorhome is more than ten years old it begins to depreciate in value quickly.

Once the economy started to decline a few years ago, the first thing people started to do is sell their recreational items such as motorhomes. This created an influx of people trying to sell their motorhomes. There is not a shortage of motorhomes on the market. Many people will try to sell to a dealership directly if you try to sell to a dealership the estimators will always appraise the motorhome far below the real value. I have been dealing directly with motorhome dealerships for many years and have sold dozens of motorhomes to dealerships. The more educated you are with motorhome values and dealership tactics, the more money you will be able to receive from the sale of your motorhome. Selling to a dealership is a really fast way to sell but can cost you thousands.
Selling privately can take months or years especially in the current marketplace. Selling privately is a good way to maximize selling price but in the months or years it takes to sell the motorhome will continue to depreciate in value.

Selling your motorhome to a wholesaler is the best way to sell your motorhome and get top dollar. Motorhome wholesalers like RV Buyers USA can have a motorhome appraiser come to you and evaluate the condition of your motorhome. They will then make a fair offer to purchase the motorhome. Companies like RV Buyers USA can offer better prices on the purchase of your motorhome because we know how to deal with the RV Dealers and get them to pay the real value for motorhomes. If you have a real interest in selling your RV or motorhome this is truly the best way to get it sold quickly for the best price.

We are currently buying RV’s (motorhomes) that are 2002 or newer. Please contact us directly if you are interested in speaking with us about selling your motorhome. We are a nationwide company and can come to you to give you an estimate.